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CococoBernard Callebaut

Chocolaterie Bernard Callebaut is bullfrogpowered™

Posted: 6/18/2007


Chocolaterie Bernard Callebaut demonstrated their continued support for sustainable practices by partnering with Bullfrog Powerâ„¢ – a leading Canadian provider of 100 percent green electricity


Legendary chocolate maker supports clean, green power


Calgary, June 5, 2007 – Bullfrog Powerâ„¢, a leading Canadian provider of 100 percent green electricity, today announced that the chocolate factory and head office building along with five additional locations of Chocolaterie Bernard Callebaut have become bullfrogpowered.


Under the agreement, which was announced in conjunction with Bullfrog Power's official launch in Alberta, the legendary chocolatier will purchase more than 1100 MWh of clean, renewable power from Bullfrog annually. In Alberta, Bullfrog Power sources exclusively from 100 percent made-in-Alberta wind power that is EcoLogoM-certified under the federal government's Environmental ChoiceM Program.


With a history dating back to 1911 in Belgium, chocolate making has been in the Callebaut family for four generations. Bernard Callebaut, a master craftsman chocolatier, brought that tradition to Canada, founding his first chocolate factory in Calgary in 1983. Since then, Callebaut has won the admiration of chefs, authors, fellow chocolatiers, and chocolate lovers around the globe for his gourmet chocolate creations. Bernard Callebaut's personal desire to leave the world in better shape than his generation found it has ensured that environmental good citizenship remains a priority for the company. To that end, he has integrated a broad set of environmental policies including extensive reuse and recycling initiatives into the chocolatier's daily operations.


"We feel we have a social responsibility to try and make a difference and to do something to protect the environment, even if it costs a bit more," said Bernard Callebaut. "We are pleased that our partnership with Bullfrog Power – and their supply of 100 percent green electricity – provides us with another means of meeting our obligation to the environment. Our hope is that we can motivate others to join us in this quest."


"We're delighted to welcome Chocolaterie Bernard Callebaut to the community of bullfrogpowered businesses in Alberta," said Theresa Howland, VP Western Region, Bullfrog Power. "By choosing to support clean, emission-free wind power, generated here in Alberta, Bernard Callebaut is taking real action to reduce the company's environmental footprint and help address climate change."


About Bullfrog Power

Bullfrog Power is a leading provider of 100 percent green electricity. Founded in 2005, Bullfrog provides homes and businesses in Alberta and Ontario with an easy way to go green and help create a cleaner, healthier environment for future generations. All of Bullfrog's power comes from clean, renewable sources like wind power and low-impact water power that displace polluting and carbon-intensive sources like coal. Bullfrog sources power exclusively from generators that have received Environment Canada's Environmental ChoiceM Program EcoLogoM certification. Thousands of Canadian homeowners and hundreds of businesses have made the decision to become "bullfrogpowered" and support the generation of clean, renewable power.


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