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Donations Application


At Cococo Chocolatiers' Head office in Calgary we have been supporting impactful organizations since 2011. If your donation request is for one of our Dealer stores located both inside and outside of Calgary, you may use this form and we will forward your request to the store directly.  Alternatively you can contact the store directly with whom you are making the request.  A list of our locations can be found here.


Our Focus


We focus our giving towards charities that specifically support children and womens health and educational programs.  If your request is not aligned with our giving focus, you may still apply, however the chances of the donation being accepted are more unlikely.  Our decision to support women and children's charity programs in our local markets links to our strong commitment to sustainability practices in West Africa, specifically where cocoa sustainability practices have a positive impact upon challenges many women and children face there, relating to poverty and child labour.


  1. We support our local communities, our stores and our employees.
  2. We support local registered charities whose impact is measurable and as immediate as possible.
  3. We only consider requests that have been received in a timely manner (14 day cut off in advance of event), and who have provided the required information to help us make decisions.


Should you requires assistance with the donation request form or if you have specific questions about our donation programs, please contact our head office at:



Calgary - Home Office

2320 2 Avenue SE

Calgary, AB T2E 6J9

Ph: (403) 265-5777

Fx: (403) 265-7738

Toll Free: 1-800-661-8367


Files You Can Download

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Donations Application (194.6 KB)
Click to download an editable PDF Donations Application. You can e-mail or fax the completed form as outlined on the form to Cococo's head office.