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Filled Chocolate Egg - Starting at $38.00


The ultimate gift for chocolate lovers.  Our solid Milk or Dark Chocolate Eggs

come filled with as assortment of 12, 20, 34 or 45 individual chocolates.








Copper Box - Starting at $20.00


Our signature copper foil boxes showcase our exquisite selection

of chocolates.  Boxes can be wrapped in Easter gift wrap

and ribbon as shown.







Bunny Hutch - $9.75


12 solid Milk Chocolate animals in a fun, retro-styled gift box.









Chocolate Easter Bunnies - Starting at $13.00


Choose from a variety of shapes and sizes of chocolate Easter Bunnies

available in Milk, Dark or White Chocolate.






Contact your nearest retail store to order.



Hunny Bunny - $15.00


Hunny Bunny is made with pure love and Milk Chocolate, hand-painted with

White and Dark Chocolate details.








Surprise Egg - $4.75


Hollow Milk or Dark Chocolate egg filled with a Bunny Hutch character.










Bunny Lollipops - $1.85 ea.  Bag of 6 - $10.50


Our delicious Milk or Dark Chocolate Lollipops come wrapped with

green, blue or lavender foil and are perfect for the kid in all of us.









Easter chocolate bars - $3.95


Available in solid Milk, Dark or White Chocolate, our 56g chocolate bars

with Easter-themed wrappers.  The Easter Bunny's favourite treat to hide.










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