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We are pleased to provide nutritional and ingredient information for our delicious chocolate products.  Click the links below to view or download the files.


Not all items listed below are available to purchase online.  Please contact your local retail store for availability. 


For further information about any of our ingredients or nutritional information, please e-mail us:


Files You Can Download

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Allergies? (331.3 KB)
A guide to consuming our chocolate products for those with food allergies
Almond Bark (177.8 KB)
Animal Farm (578.1 KB)
Assorted Loose Chocolates (5.57 MB)
Baking Chocolate Bars (2.5kg) (487.2 KB)
Chocolate Bar - Dark Chocolate with Caramel 56g (295.4 KB)
Chocolate Bar - Milk Chocolate with Peanut Butter 56g (294.1 KB)
Chocolate Bars 56g (872.2 KB)
Chocolate Cigars 12g (276.8 KB)
Chocolate Covered Almonds (176.3 KB)
Chocolate Covered Biscotti (180.9 KB)
Chocolate Covered Biscuits (292.7 KB)
Chocolate Covered Coffee Beans (178.9 KB)
Chocolate Covered Ginger (185.6 KB)
Chocolate Covered Hazelnuts (176.1 KB)
Chocolate Covered Marshmallows (490.4 KB)
Chocolate Covered Orange Peel 100g (183.8 KB)
Chocolate Covered Pretzels (297.5 KB)
Chocolate Drops (485.9 KB)
Chocolate Filled Easter Eggs (1.13 MB)
Chocolate Lollipop (177.0 KB)
Chocolate Rose on a Stem (281.3 KB)
Chocolate Shavings (375.9 KB)
Chocolate Wafers (379.4 KB)
Christmas Hand-Dipped Cherries (174.3 KB)
Christmas Sharing Tray (300.1 KB)
Cocoa Powder (196.0 KB)
Community Chocolate Bars 56g (278.2 KB)
Copper Boxes (308.1 KB)
Couverture Bars 454g (533.3 KB)
Fall Macarons (336.9 KB)
Fine Fruit Chocolates (335.0 KB)
Habanero Sea Salt Dark Chocolate Bar 56g (224.3 KB)
Habanero Sea Salt Milk Chocolate Bar 56g (223.9 KB)
Hot Chocolate (1.64 MB)
Macarons (370.3 KB)
Moulded Items - Dark Chocolate (1.50 MB)
Moulded Items - Milk Chocolate (1.80 MB)
Moulded Items - White Chocolate (489.6 KB)
Nut Nibbles (280.1 KB)
Oregano Fusion Tablet (294.0 KB)
Rosemary Fusion Tablet (290.5 KB)
Sauces & Spreads (435.2 KB)
Sea Salt Caramels Collection (626.0 KB)
Seasonal Pralines (274.2 KB)
Soft Serve Ice Cream (1.08 MB)
The Twelve (155.9 KB)
Tool Kit - Milk or Dark Chocolate (283.4 KB)
Truffle Box and Bag (182.2 KB)
Valentine's Hearts (868.5 KB)
Winter Collection (585.3 KB)
Yule Logs (385.8 KB)